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Download our PDF brochure. Click hereMeasure Dynamics Brochure

ADA Compliance Verifications

Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, constant updates and changes to the rules governing accessible design and construction in the commercial real estate industry have been implemented. While measuring your building, Measure Dynamics can perform an assessment of the existing building elements and compare them with the current ADA regulations. A proactive approach in identifying ADA deficiencies may be the key to eliminating future claims.

ADA compliance surveys are often included in the work we provide during due diligence or prior to renovation. Once ADA deficiencies are identified, an implementation plan can be prepared so that identified items can be brought to code prior to new tenant occupancy.

Ask about our ADA compliance checklist and how it can be used at your facility.

ADA Compliance Worksheet

*Example of ADA Compliance Worksheet is not an actual physical location and is used for sample purposes only.