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Feel free to download and print our electronic brochure. We have it in a PDF format for easy on-screen viewing. Click on brochure image to the right or the link below to download.

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A Marketing Brochure Drawings

Floor plans not only serve to refresh a client's memory of a previous viewing; but, also, allow them to conceptualize their occupancy of proposed space. Our attractive computer drawings provide a floor plan that is a clear and effective way to assist in the sale or lease of property to prospective buyers and tenants.

Insurance Drawings

Rising costs of all types of insurance demand careful attention. Reduce the possibilities of being over or under insured due to an inaccurate area measurement. With a Measure Dynamics floor plan in hand, and on record, you can be assured of protection at a competitive and fair rate for exact replacement of your structure due to damage or loss.

Management Tenant Tracking

Asset and Facility managers require highly detailed drawings of individual tenant areas. The advantage is in simplified record keeping, with regular updates available to keep files current.

Renovation Plans

Measure Dynamics scaled drawings and computer files can be used by architects and interior space planners for quotation purposes facilitating repairs, renovations or expansions to both commercial and residential properties. In addition, these plans are often useful for the acquisition of building and occupancy permits.

A.D.A. Compliance Drawings

Scaled dimensions of existing washroom facilities and egress areas will clearly verify compliance or deficiencies with regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, constant updates and enhancements to the rules governing accessible design and construction in the commercial real estate industry have been implemented. An assessment of the existing building elements and how they compare to the current regulations can assist property owners, managers and potential tenants.

Appraisal Drawings

Providing a Measure Dynamics floor plan to the appraiser may very well enhance the value of your property by demonstrating additional pertinent details that may otherwise be overlooked. Saving time for the appraiser should translate into savings for you.

Tax Assessment Appeals

The area measurements provided by Measure Dynamics can serve as a comparison to records used by county property tax assessors. A floor plan outlining the rentable and usable floor area measurements can assist in the tax assessment appeals process.