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Boma Analysis Standards

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) is the premiere trade association for the office building industry. They have developed the ANSI/BOMA Standard Z65.1, published in 1996, which is the current standard for measurement of floor area in commercial office space.

BOMA has also released the BOMA/SIOR 2001 Standard for Measuring Floor Area in Industrial Buildings. This standard effectively covers all buildings where more than 50% of the space is non-office, thus applying to industrial, retail and non-office buildings.

This generally agreed upon method of measurement has gained the approval of the American National Standards Institue (ANSI) and is recognized as "THE" national standard in the courts.

The BENEFITS of having your building measured by Measure Dynamics to the ANSI/BOMA Standards:

  • You have equal comparison of your building to others, as it is the industry-wide standard on which rent is based.

  • The1996 ANSI/BOMA Standard update, results in the ability to capture many areas previously not considered as part of Rentable Space (such as ground-floor lobbies, mechanical rooms, storage facilities, exercise rooms, etc). In most cases, the increase in Rentable area upon resurvey to the latest ANSI/BOMA Standard more than offsets the cost of the survey.

  • Floorplans prepared in accordance with the ANSI/BOMA standard will protect you from possible future lawsuits with tenants. Savvy renters are aware of incorrect square-footage measurements, so don't get caught with inaccurate Floorplans.