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Feel free to download and print our electronic brochure. We have it in a PDF format for easy on-screen viewing. Click on brochure image to the right or the link below to download.

Download our PDF brochure. Click hereMeasure Dynamics Brochure


Our floorplan drawings are exact and "to-scale" . Specific attention is paid to the placement of doors, window, openings and plumbing fixtures, as well as identification of wall thickness.

The finished product is in AutoCad format and can be delivered in a digital or printed medium.

We also offer specialized formats reflecting precision color mapping of electrical systems, HVAC, voice data, as well as exterior elevations, all done to suit your specific needs. Blue prints and exterior photographs are available upon request.

Below are some samples of our work. Click the image to open the full size PDF file.



Retail Office


Retail Office


Retail Office


Office Suite


Residential Property Marketing


Retail Shopping Market


Space Marketing Drawing


Highrise Office


Reflective Ceiling

(Large File ~5meg)