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Download our PDF brochure. Click hereMeasure Dynamics Brochure

Third Party Square Footage Verification Services

Area calculations based on field measurements tend to be more precise than areas derived from blueprints. Every square foot affects the bottom line and that bottom line is of critical importance to tenants, property managers, building owners and potential buyers. Over time, rounding errors on leases or changes in tenant occupancy can significantly distort a facility's area calculations. Measure Dynamics provides third party square footage verification and will measure to standard accepted industry-wide.

The East Bay Business Times has reported that "Before a structure goes on the market, both the seller and potential buyers should know exactly how big a building is. The best way to find out is to hire a third party who knows how to measure according to standards adopted by the Building Owners and Managers Association." Measure Dynamics can measure a building during or prior to the due diligence period and provide "as-built" floor plans to assist in the timely transfer of the property.